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Let our blonde guru make your hair shine after treating it with the Malibu C wellness products.

Together with us, the health and beauty of your hair will be taken care of by luxury cosmetics and shampoos created by ZENZ Organic Products, #mydentity Guy Tanga colours, MALIBU C patented products and other top products such as K18. They help us emphasize the natural beauty of your hair, give it exactly your shade, but also health, condition and a silky shine.


The services include a haircut and a head massage. The specified prices apply to short/long hair.


ShearCZK 650 / 1000
Haircut + beard treatmentCZK 850
Cut without washingCZK 300
Blow-dry without a cutCZK 500
Curling ironCZK 250
Social hairstyleCZK 1000
CGM Boucleme – surchargeCZK 400

CGM – Curly Girl Method If you don’t know how to care for curly hair, Boucléme is the solution. The result is beautiful, shiny and nourished curls full of life. The hairdresser will teach you the procedure during the first visit, you can buy the products for home use.


Permanent coloursCZK 1500 / 3000
Demi-permanent coloursCZK 1200 / 2500

#MYDENTITY cream colors are equipped with the revolutionary Miru-Style X-HP™, which gives hair X-treme protection against heat, up to 232°C! This fundamentally reduces hair damage caused by thermal styling. The stability of permanent colours is up to 50 washes; it ensures complete coverage of greys. Demi-permanent colours create a dazzling shine, close the hair cuticle, naturally tone greys and are ammonia-free.

Hair lightening

HighlightingCZK 2000 / 3200
Micro highlightsCZK 3800
BalayageCZK 2500
Colour correctionCZK 800 / 1500

During the lightening process we provide the hair with nourishing care that ensures optimal protection during & after the lightening process.

Collagen care

4-step regenerating collagen careCZK 100 / 300

If necessary, we add COLLAGEN POWDER with the maximum concentration of active ingredients to the lightening or colouring mixture in order to protect and strengthen it during the chemical process. COLLAGEN & AMINO ACIDS provide extra hair care and protection and increase elasticity. AMBER ACID forms broken bridges between keratin chains to further strengthen and protect the hair during the action of the lightening or colouring mixture.

Cleaning – Malibu C

Crystal Gel – cleaningCZK 2000
MakeOver – cleansing and moisturizingCZK 2200
CPR – colour removalCZK 2100
Head Lab – cleaning and recording from a microscopic cameraCZK 2000

Thanks to the patented technology, the Malibu C products relieve the hair and scalp from deposits of unwanted minerals and chemical additives, and the hair is thus unburdened and healthy again!

Head Lab includes checking the condition of the hair and scalp using a microscopic camera before and after the treatment. Head Lab cleansing is suitable for everyone, especially for sensitive scalp and for various problems such as oily hair, eczema, dandruff, etc.

Cleansing care – Malibu C

Cleaning care – surchargeCZK 100 / 400

Time-saving targeted treatment with shampoo, conditioner and treatment for blonde / coloured / curly hair or sensitive scalp.


K18 – surchargeCZK 500

K18PeptideTM was patented after 1242 decapeptides covering the entire genome of human keratin proteins were researched and analysed. Our molecule delivers amino acids to the hair cortex to reattach keratin chains and restore disulphide bonds, returning hair to its original, virgin state. The patented K18 treatment is not just a temporary solution – it is the first product that uses biomimetics to reconnect keratin chains after they have been damaged by bleaching, colouring and chemical treatments, restoring softness, smoothness and strength to hair and giving it unprecedented suppleness. The more damaged the hair, the more dramatic the result.

Product offer

Hair clips

XL slim clips for heavy and thick hair – half ponytailsCZK 335
XL clips for heavy and thick hairCZK 335
2.0 clips for fine hair – half ponytailsCZK 315
CLASSIC clips for fine hairCZK 335

We offer a revolutionary alternative to classic rubber bands in various sizes and designs suitable for sports, casual wear, but also in social design. Thanks to the unique system, the hair does not wrinkle, nothing stretches you and you practically do not feel it in your hair, you can wear your hair in a ponytail completely comfortably all day long. The clip is very easy to apply and remove. Unlike classic rubber bands, it does not stretch and can last hundreds of uses. It is made of high-quality silicone and has a copper inner filling, which makes it easy to shape. It stays perfectly in place all day. They are waterproof, so you can go swimming or sweat in the gym with them.

La Brûmée – French hair perfumes

Apricot and pomegranate 50 mlCZK 719
Aloe vera and water lily 50 mlCZK 719
Almond and orange blossom 50 mlCZK 719

The composition of these unique hair fragrances contains only natural ingredients: 100% natural perfume, aloe vera extract, water and denatured alcohol. The hair mist contains Aloe vera extracts to moisturize and refresh the hair. Hair fragrances contain only 40% alcohol for a softer fragrance that respects the hair.

The head / heart / base of the fragrances

apricot combined with slightly sour currant and sweet white peach / pomegranate and pears / plums and caramel notes of brown sugar

aloe vera / jasmine and water lily flowers / cottonwood flowers

almonds, green leaves and white peonies / gooseberry flowers, heliotrope and tea leaves / apricot blossom, violets and vanilla

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